Mai Dive - Ono Island, Fiji - Offered by Mai Dive Australia
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Get away from the city to have some real fun! Join in on the fun by coming to the Astrolabe Reef. Whether you are in the water or on land, there are great memories ready to be made.

  • Scuba dive on the Astrolabe Reef
  • Swim with Manta Rays and Sharks
  • Trek to a secluded waterfall
  • Drink kava in a traditional Fijian village
  • Have a picnic on a deserted island
  • Visit Joe in the garden
  • Spear fish with the local villagers
  • Popper fish for Giant Trevally
  • Take a sunset cruise to Bird Island
  • Collect Shells
  • See a traditional Fijian Meke
  • Relax is a hammock
  • Soak up the sun on the beach
Kelepi performing the meke Heading out for a dive on the Astrolabe Reef Sunrise from the beach
Manta Ray Diving down to see the fish Siwa playing with the Clown Fish


Escape from the world with our 7 night holiday package.

Mai Dive - Astrolabe Reef Resort

Idealic Beachfront Accommodation. Five Star Meals. Speed Boat Island Transfer.

$ 1,345 AUD

(based on 7 night, dual occupancy, per person)