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Discover Scuba Diving

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Tuesday 24th November 2009 by Clayton

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) is a 1 day Experience program designed for those:

  • Wanting to try diving before committing to the a full Open Water course.
  • Wanting to do a couple of dives with a dive instructor while on Holiday, but not get a diving certification.

It is the fastest & easiest way to get you underwater and stack of FUN!

It takes only a few hours and here at Mai Dive we do it like this:

  1. A short introductory briefing session which includes an explanation of some important aspects of diving safely, gear operation and diving procedures.
  2. An in-water practical session to show you some basic & important diving skills.
  3. A dive from the shore along the edge of the house reef to give you your first true diving experience and familiarization. This is where the traditional Discover Scuba Dive course would end. But at Mai Dive we want you to experience a taste of what the Astrolabe has to offer.
  4. A Dive with an instructor on the Great Astrolabe Reef. We sometimes take Discover Scuba Diving students to places like Split Rock in the Alacrity Rocks region which many divers tells is their best ever dive. It’s an amazing place for your first true diving experience.

The Discover Scuba Dive Course can be done as a part of an Accommodation Package and is also one of the components in the Fiji Adventure Package. See pricing and details for all of the packages here.

Participant Requirements:

You need to sign a liability release and also fill out a medical statement. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the medical screening questions, you will need to get clearance from a doctor before doing the program.
Children as young as 10 year of age can participate in the Discover Scuba Dive program.