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Advanced Open Water

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Tuesday 24th November 2009 by Clayton

The PADI Advanced Open Water Course (AOW) is 3 day Course. With a theory component that is best completed via self study before you arrive using PADI’s eLearning tool:

  • At the end of this course you will of extended you diving capability – learned new skills and have practical experience of 5 adventure dives.
  • Participants are required to the compulsory Deep and Underwater Navigation Adventure Dives. We then generally offer Night, Drift, Boat, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Photography Dive, AWARE – Fish ID. Some of these are done at spectacular Astrolabe Reef dive sites.
  • We highly recommend doing your theory component on line using PADI eLearning, that way when you get to the resort it’s straight into the water with no read to read long chapters of a text book when you would rather be do other fun things.
  • How to book your Open Water or Advanced diving course at Mai Dive

How to book your Open Water or Advanced diving course at Mai Dive

  1. Send us an inquiry so that we can book you in and arrange deposits etc.
  2. We will send you a dive medical statement. If you answer yes to any of the screening questions you will need to get approval from a diving doctor before doing the course.
  3. We will then send you a PADI eLearning Access Pass or PADI Learning Materials Crew Pack depending of the knowledge development method you select.
  4. Once you have the Access Pass or Crew Pack you can begin Knowledge Development Self Study ensuring that it is completed before you arrive at the resort as all the ‘In Water’ training begins on your 1st day at the resort.

Note: Completing the Open Water or Advanced Open Water course at the resort after eLearning will require 3 half day session (3-4 hours each)

This booking process does not apply to Discover Scuba Diving – just come and we sort it all out when you arrive