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Dive on the Astrolabe Reef

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Monday 16th November 2009 by Clayton

Dive on the Astrolabe Reef in Fiji

Imagine dive groups of 3 to 4 people, endless visibility, untouched dive sites. All available on the world's 4th largest barrier reef.


Escape from the World

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Monday 16th November 2009 by Jason

Escape From the World. Experience The Real Fiji.



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Sunday 4th October 2009 by Clayton

Our Approach 

We are a small family run, eco-resort. We rely only on the job we do at the resort and the word of mouth that generates. 

The integrity of the representation of our resort on this website, and many Independent Traveler Reviews is the best way for you to know what our place is all about.  

Trip Adviso
r seems to be where we get most of our reviews and we do encourage this feedback. 
We are also starting to get some reviews in more diving centric member forumns like Undercurrent & Scuba Adviser

So please check them out and do contact us if we can be of any assistance to your holiday planning. 


Here are some comments from our guest book

Lisa & Tim from New Zealand

Thank you so much for making our stay at Mai Dive so enjoyable, effortless & memorable. You have such a beautiful place and you've all worked really hard (it seems to us) to build it into something you've dreamed about & together you've created something really special. Long may it grow and continue. You've all been so attentive and flexible with our needs and this makes a huge difference to us. Wonderful food - TRULY GREAT FOOD, good company & great facilities - a stunning spot. You've definitely hit our top resort in the pacific spot. Thanks to the staff Epeli, Filo & Mere for your wonderful presence & laughter.

Andrea England from New Zealand

I had a wonderful time diving with Jason and the Mai Dive team. I was warmly welcomed and looked after, and fed very well! The sites around the Great Astrolabe Reef were spectacular, and pristine, surpassing the best dives of the Similans and Great Barrier Reef for hard corals, big pelagics, and sheer proliferation and colour of small fish life. Jason tailored his site choices perfectly for our diving abilities and what we were keen to see. I highly recommend Mai Dive for adventurous, exciting and breath-taking diving!

Jim Shortreed from Canada

I heard from a fellow yachtie way over in Lautoka Fiji that you had just set up a dive resort at the Great Astrolabe Reef. That fellow yachtie had dove with you and some of your students and he recommended that you would be an excellent instructor and that I could do some excellent diving after my certification.

So I made the voyage all the way to Suva and then onward to Ono Island and sure enough found your diving resort. All your equipment was new and the dive computer made it easy to get two dives a day. I enjoyed your instruction and your equipment was great and the dive locations were terrific. I was excited to see sharks on my instruction dives as well as great coral formations and lots of reef fish.

The dives after certification were terrific as well, Vesi Bay coral gardens, the Nagoro Pass, Archway, all great dives with lots of sharks, big fish, sea snakes (not my favorite but other's found them exciting), turtles and lots of reef fish. Current dives, open ocean dives, all were great and well guided.

Thanks for the instruction and the great dives, I found your dive resort before the crowds, years from now people will say, I was at Mai Dive Fiji, and I will reply, I was there first.

Anthony Norris from New Zealand - Tamarillo

So great to see your dream coming true Joe. Thankyou for all your support & hospitality to our many groups that have kayaked pasted here over the last ten years. It nice to be able to stop here overnight now. Jason, Ita and the team, the environment and the food have been fantastic. This is a very unique and special place that I hope to come back to often for many years to come - Vinaka!

Valeria Vanni from Milano Italy

Everything about diving was new to me, to begin with I was even a little bit scared. Working through the book with Jason's help made me much more comfortable. Then in all of the underwater lessons I already knew what to expect. So that enabled me to relax and take my time just getting use to being underwater. I was amazed at what we discovered right from our first training dives, so much so it was sometimes hard to stay focused on the lessons or what we were suppose to be doing. So everyone enjoy your beautiful course and stay focused - if you can!

Kelsey McKinny from SMU - USA

I really enjoyed staying at your up and coming resort. It has been my favorite place to stay in Kadavu outside of the regular village and settlements here. It's the perfect mix of Fijian life and western comforts. This place makes me feel like I could LIVE in Fiji. The FOOD was great too, especially the banana bread!

Gaia Squaru from Milano Italy

I did my open water course on Nukubalavu & Paradise beach when I knew nothing expect for snorkeling and holding my breath when underwater. After a few days I was confident under water and so we began planning 2 or 3 dives a day. We dived inside & outside the reef in currents and even did a couple of night dives. Time between dives where pleasant either on the boat or an isolated beach sunbathing, drinking tea and getting a briefing for the next dive. This diving experience I'll never forget because it gave me the freedom & confidence to go diving everywhere. Jason has been a patient & competent instructor and a great buddy for a new experience of life. I miss Ono Island and hope to come back soon!


Beachfront Lodge Bungalows

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Friday 4th September 2009 by Clayton

With the Lodge, you can bring your friends or your family and all stay under one roof -- or have one of the bungalow all to yourself.



Boats & Gear

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Tuesday 28th July 2009 by Jason

Not only is our location great, but our boats and dive gear are the best around.



The Astrolabe Reef

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Tuesday 28th July 2009 by Clayton

You have to be on Ono Island to truly experience The Great Astrolabe Reef--the world's 4th largest reef!



Travel Tips

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Saturday 25th July 2009 by Clayton

Traveling to Fiji from most countries is a simple and straight forward endeavor.



An Overview

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Monday 20th July 2009 by Clayton

Get Away From It All

Nukubalavu (Long Beach) is a family estate and resort on the island of Ono. Primarily used as a family escape, it has had its fair share of visitors through word of mouth, hosted tour groups from neighboring businesses and resorts, and was recently made into a full service resort.  The estate is 47 acres of thick tropical jungle and rain forest that plummets down a steep mountain spotted with numerous outcrops of volcanic rock that form the backdrop to the terraced working gardens and manicured grounds where all of the facilities are located amongst the palm tree lined waterfront.



Scuba Dive Fiji

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Thursday 16th July 2009 by Clayton

The Great Astrolabe Reef – A must see destination for all traveling divers.

Ono Island is the best location to easily scuba dive on the different regions of the Great Astrolabe Reef. Mai Dive at the Astrolabe Reef Resort is the only PADI certified guide operation on Ono Island making it the closest and most central to the Great Astrolabe Reef.   

Diverse Dive Sites and Marine Life

The Astrolabe offers divers a lot of diversity. There are drift dives in big open passages like Naqoro & Vesi. Fantastic swim through’s and coral bombies at the Alacrity Rocks region. An endless amount of pristine reef walls on the outside of the Astrolabe with coral pinnacles. And also special places inside the lagoon like the several locally managed marine reserves and Manta Ray cleaning stations.

Diving for All Skill Levels

With over 100kms of unbroken walls there are also plenty of opportunities for exploratory dives. We can accommodate divers of all levels given our equipment and staffing levels.

Personal Daily Dive Plan

We dive 365 days a year. Everyday we make a plan based on what is happening with the tides, weather and what our divers want to do. We have no fixed schedule because the focus is on what we want to achieve for the day and week that you are here.

Small Dive Groups

We generally have only small numbers of divers at any one time (2-4 sometimes 6) as we all know the less the better. Our daily excursions usually consist of a minimum 2 tank dive somewhere on the Astrolabe with possibility for extra diving or additional activities.


Book Now

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Wednesday 15th July 2009 by Jason