Mai Dive - Ono Island, Fiji - Offered by Mai Dive Australia
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Winner of Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice Award 2010

Scuba Dive Fiji

The Great Astrolabe Reef – A must see destination for all traveling divers.

Ono Island is the best location to easily scuba dive on the different regions of the Great Astrolabe Reef. Mai Dive at the Astrolabe Reef Resort is the only PADI certified guide operation on Ono Island making it the closest and most central to the Great Astrolabe Reef.   

Diverse Dive Sites and Marine Life

The Astrolabe offers divers a lot of diversity. There are drift dives in big open passages like Naqoro & Vesi. Fantastic swim through’s and coral bombies at the Alacrity Rocks region. An endless amount of pristine reef walls on the outside of the Astrolabe with coral pinnacles. And also special places inside the lagoon like the several locally managed marine reserves and Manta Ray cleaning stations.

Diving for All Skill Levels

With over 100kms of unbroken walls there are also plenty of opportunities for exploratory dives. We can accommodate divers of all levels given our equipment and staffing levels.

Personal Daily Dive Plan

We dive 365 days a year. Everyday we make a plan based on what is happening with the tides, weather and what our divers want to do. We have no fixed schedule because the focus is on what we want to achieve for the day and week that you are here.

Small Dive Groups

We generally have only small numbers of divers at any one time (2-4 sometimes 6) as we all know the less the better. Our daily excursions usually consist of a minimum 2 tank dive somewhere on the Astrolabe with possibility for extra diving or additional activities.


Escape from the world with our 7 night holiday package.

Mai Dive - Astrolabe Reef Resort

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$ 1,345 AUD

(based on 7 night, dual occupancy, per person)