Mai Dive - Ono Island, Fiji - Offered by Mai Dive Australia
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Winner of Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice Award 2010

The Astrolabe Reef

An untouched piece of paradise

The Astrolabe Reef surrounds the southern, eastern, and northern tip of the Kadavu Group.  The Kadavu group is comprised mainly of Kadavu and Ono Island.  On the map are general locations of the dive sites we love to explore on a day to day basis.

A short boat ride to all dive sites!

There are gray circles marking a 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, etc boat ride in any direction.

Don't waste your vacation!

Don't waste your vacation on a boat for hours on end.  Our dive groups are small and intimate.  The dive sites we visit are world renown, but free of large tourists groups pouring into the water around you.

The Astrolabe Reef  Click on the map to see a larger view.




Escape from the world with our 7 night holiday package.

Mai Dive - Astrolabe Reef Resort

Idealic Beachfront Accommodation. Five Star Meals. Speed Boat Island Transfer.

$ 1,345 AUD

(based on 7 night, dual occupancy, per person)