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The New Camera at the Astrolabe Reef

Saturday 26th December 2009 by Clayton

Kuki drove the Matavura 10 minutes from the Resort to a nice spot just inside the Astrolabe Reef.   Siwa and myself went in the water with 2 couples from Oregon and another couple from Australia. The first spot was Kuki's Reef and the second spot was the Bulia Marine Reserve.   I think everyone was happy to lounge around today then head out for a snorkel in the afternoon.   Up until today, it has just been dive, dive, dive with people going to Naiqoro Passage and Split Rock while others were with Jason completing their PADI Open Water course.  To me, everyone looks so peaceful snorkeling as they float across the surface over the coral below.

Even though I had the camera, I missed out on the reef shark during the first dive and then a turtle on the second dive. I did get Siwa free diving to see a puffer fish, but as soon I spotted the fish, the camera ran out batteries. Three bummers in a row!  The wide angle worked like a charm even though I had some problems getting the flash to work and also trying to use the macro setting with the wide angle lense on. I'll have to read the manual to get all the settings down in the next week or so.

siwa-free-diving two-coral-tables close-up-purple-coral

Does anybody have a few tips on taking good underwater photos?