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"I Love the Small World"

Monday 30th November 2009 by Clayton

I guess I could drone on about what they did or where they went.  I could tell you about them going to Naiqoro Passage, Split Rock, Archway, talking with Joe in the garden, visiting Narikoso Village, and fishing with Petero and myself.  But anybody can come to Fiji and easily do all of those things.  What stands out in my mind is not what they did, but how they both embraced every activity, every day with genuine excitement.  I can remember Frank showing me a picture and saying, "Just look at that plate of coral! It's huge!" or the picture of the small crab and saying, "I love the small world!"

I think this love for new and unknown things can only be best shown through Frank's photographs below.

He was generous enough to give us a few images and videos to use on the new website.  You can find them all over the Mai Dive website or if you search for Mai Dive on and Facebook.

2-fish-under-coral small-orange-coral petero-split-rock turtle-archway fan-coral

It is when people like Frank and Melyse come to the Resort that I feel a new found love for Fiji.  Sometimes it takes an outsider to shake you out of a daze and open your eyes.

Frank, thank you for the great advise and the amazing photos.