Mai Dive - Ono Island, Fiji - Offered by Mai Dive Australia
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Travel Tips


Some additional Websites that we use at the Resort on a day to day basis®ion=fiji


Most countries are exempt from obtaining a visa before entering Fiji territory.

All you need is:

  • A valid passport that does not expire within 3 months from the date of departure from Fiji;
  • Return air tickets showing the date of departure from Fiji or the country of your next visit;
  • Sufficient funds for holiday

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Health & Emergency Services

Fiji is free of most tropical diseases such as malaria and typhoid.  No vaccinations are required before coming to Fiji. We do carry plenty of first aid on the island and have access to a small medical clinic that is 15 minutes away by boat.

There are two Emergency Decompression Chambers located in Suva.

Water & Electricity

The Resort runs on solar power and uses a generator 3-4 hours per day to recharge the batteries when the sun light is covered by the clouds.  There are plenty of 240V power points in each bungalow. 

We have our own natural spring water for drinking and bathing that is checked periodically to meet world health standards. Bottled water is also available on request.

Communication & Electronics

The Resort is equipped with a satellite telephone, wireless internet, and a TV/DVD system that are all available at a low cost in the common area. Although the bungalows do not have telephones and TVs, they all have their own iPod docks and 240V power points to accommodate most gadgets.


Most guests enjoy our relaxed atmosphere with shirts, shorts, and swim suites during the day.  At night, many put on a polo, pants, and a jumper.  

Laundry Service

A laundry service is available daily.



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